Friday, July 13, 2012

Paying the Price of radness

   Paid the price of radness at Charlotte Skate Park. The video emphasizes how lame my skating is.  I was skating pretty well before i got my trucks hung up and smashed my face.

5 stitches later- essentially 100 dollars per stitch.  Price of radness = 500 dollars.

Henderson neighborhood sliding.

Skating by your self isn't that great for filming.

I was working on my coleman slides, and i am getting the hang of it..

The neighborhood around the henderson castle is a great place for me to longboard- close to home and it an evening cruz here is like a great evening ski...a little bit of work..a little bit of fun.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Upjohn skatepark...stoke killers strike.

Waking up early one morning and coming down to the local skate park and finding it covered with sand and new graffiti led me to believe one thing....that some knucklehead middle school age student came in and tagged and then....just to add emphasis to the anti-skater sentiment of the tags....threw sand everywhere.  

This of course made the park completely un-skateable.  Turns was actually the contractors who were let in to sand blast the graffiti off....they did this on International Go Skate day.....and then left all the freakin sand in the you still couldn't skate it the day after...or the day after.

talk about killing the stoke.

especially with sand everywhere. 

exactly how i felt after getting ready for dawn patrol, having the park to myself...only to find it covered in sand.