Friday, September 7, 2012

Un named Basalt Ridge. Hayden, Colorado.

                The Pictures below are a little grainy- regardless of that, they document a great trip to Colorado.  We were staying in what could accurately be described as "God forsaken" and/or " God Blessed."   The location is North of Hayden, Colorado....which is west of Steamboat.  This was the first opportunity that i have had to take my kids climbing outside or real stone.  Both of them thought it was fun, and perhaps even really got into it? 
We took a hike to a large basalt ridge that is about two miles in length and of variable quality. I would not suggest this place as a destination for rock climbing. Actually i would discourage it...especially in Colorado a state in which there is such a high quantity of high quality sites.  However, because we could walk to this ridge it made an easy target. 
View of Ollie surmounting the final buldge to the summit.  The south face of this ridge, at this point is probably 150 feet or so.  It is situated very high on a hill, so the exposure is great.
Looking East down the ridge from the summit.
A spot we called " the red face"  probably 5.2 or so

The base of the Red Face. I brought along a belay device, but the hip belay really proved to be more useful.

The rack i brought along was very minimal. 25 foot of static rope. 2 harnesses, 1 belay device, 5 random nuts, two cams and 4 biners. I was not about to try the large face with out some serious cleaning. The Basalt on this ridge is choss at best.
My boy got his first lead in. granted it was a traverse..but he lead it none the less.

He placed gear and everything.