Tuesday, October 16, 2012

summer, its been real. Come on back soon

South haven Skate park. I was not feeling it this day...but it was a fun bowl.
Lake Michigan, we had a lot of good times.
Moon over the beach
Trapped Humming bird. We got him out.
This has a Subaru engine, and is all jacked up.
more south haven skate park

1976 checker marathon

We only owned it for about 3 weeks..but it was fun.

Two sesh day.

 It is not very often, but ever once in a while I get in a two sesh day.  One at the skate park and one on the long board. This was one of the quickest two sesh days on record- getting both in in little under a hour and a half.  I am continuing to work on my Coleman slides...as the video shows- i can use them to stop..but i would like to be able to roll out of them.  I guess being able to stop on a skateboard going fast down a hill is a serious step forward though.