Tuesday, May 31, 2011

does this carve make me look fat?

The Bert Slide is certainly Fun Til Death.  Being a skateboard trick that is low to the ground - falls or crashes from attempting this extremely stylish move are relatively mild. These pics are a compilation, that looks like a series. I pulled out of a couple of these....but i also lost control and fell out of many of these.

This is all a little later than usual dawn patrol church of skaten at Upjohn park.  The park had some wet spots, but you know....wet spots are always the result of fun.  West Michigan had a ton of fun storms, which over the week proceeding and during the Memorial Day weekend of 2011 i had opportunity to camp in. Upjohn park as well as a lot of other spots in West Michigan were flooded.

The 'thane lines on the bank remind me of ski tracks.

On the Old Man Army forum, some one mentioned looking into your arm pit as a method for getting the frontside crave down. They were right, and it has started to open lots of lines for me.

I am wondering if it is too early to start thinking about Ski Boots.  I am financially committed to the binding system i am running- just thinking about an upgrade on boots.

Often fun til death must be planned out months in advance.

Ok- so I am really happy about getting this high frontside on our local bowl. This is real progress. However,  when i am really invested in balance and some one takes a picture- looks like my gut is huge... I think that this may be a result of the Chi Gong- sinking my chi into my tan tien......or maybe the beer that i sink into my gut.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

dawn patrol on judgement day

Date Line: May 21 2011
                 6:15 am
                 Upjohn Skate Park, Kalamazoo....Michigan

 Fun Til Death often includes being on Dawn Patrol.  If you can get up, get out, do your thing and get back before the children awaken fun can be had.  In the winter this includes it being really cold before day break and skiing between shadows. In the late spring, it means a welcoming sun.  Considerably more fun can be had in a shorter period of time if you don't have to wait for runs, and of course in the winter it means the feathery powder of the morning.
If you would like to see a great video of folks staking kalamazoo see: this video

All in all my skating was not particularly good. felt like i was flailing quite a bit. Even my burt slides were kinda weak.

Below are pics from dawn patrol this morning.

sunrise over the alter of the Church of Skaten

If you really eat shit, you could limp over to Bronson Hospitial

buttery smooth concrete..the metal transitions are great when the work, and a little scary when they start to  peal up .

Sunday, May 15, 2011

flow systems

Tools for finding Flow.
Bicycles.  Especially with the whole family.

Skateboards. Especially if they are long and like to carve

Froggy boots may assist with finding flow.

Getting low and into the flow.

Scoping out ski spots while on a Skateboard is especially flow.
I am looking forward to this slope already. I remember hitting it about 3 years ago in a wild snow storm.  It is maybe 60 feet long ending in a parking lot.  It is a two or maybe three turn hill with urban assault written all over it.

This parking lot is just one big smooth gently sloping open space.  Evening Cruises, practicing my slides and some dancing.  One block away- very close and modest fun.

A couple of pictures of Burnside in Portland.