Friday, January 27, 2012

Pete and paulie improve their tele turns

A division of the Fun Til Death clan went out to Timber Ridge Today and hit the slopes despite the 38 degree temps. Above is video evidence of their accomplishments. 

Evidence from earlier assaults.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the mitten from space

Salomon XADV 8 ski boots- Reviewed

Salomon ADV 8 boot
2015 most recent report on the XADV 8
Earlier post about the ADV 8

I have finally had an opportunity to put the Salomon ADV 8 boot through the paces and here is what i have to say:
 1. these boots are great on the kick and glide
 2. these boots are comfortable
 3. the integrated gator is great
 4. there is increased ( from the Greenland)  rigidity in                  the  sole
 5. The zipper is the weak area. Mine has already blown 
     out ( used 4 times). It has blown out from the bottom
     up..which basically makes it a snow scoop.
     (note: Salomon was great about this, replacing the boots at
     no cost. The replacement boots have held up fine)
6. The quick lace thingy is great..really tightens down 
     well and releases well. 
  7. the laces  don't go up all the way..this is comfortable, 
      but does not let you press the cuff to assist with 
  8. The plastic cuff is not appreciably more supportive 
       than the old Greenland

Salomon Raid Bindings

2014 update:  

I have not had an opportunity to ski these this year because I blew out my knee.  I have really put these guys through the paces in the past though.  I think these are great boots to use as an out your back door XCD boot.  

see here for the type of skiing I am doing in these boots : Fun Til Death on Skis!
                                                                                      More Fun Til Death on skis: with Video

                                                                                      Michigan backcountry XCD stick whips and all

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kalamazoo Trail ski- wipe out video

Everybody loves a wipe out video.

Markin Glen County park is a great spot for cross country and cross country down hill.  Our low snow pack means that most of the off trail runs are still pretty brutal- so we stuck to the trails.

I was not in top form today, as you can see here. My turns were not particularly sharp and I was not being aggressive enough.  The front glade was looking very nice..but shallow snow made it a little scary.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

horse head and mojo gloves

Found this kid at the local sled hill wearing this horse mask. The mask looks like a dead horse, which is kinda what i felt like i was whipping when i went to this hill looking for room to make some telemark turns. The urban skier has to put up with this kinda stuff..or perhaps it is this kinda stuff that makes urban ski touring worth it?

These are the gloves I was wearing when I unlocked the carved telemark turn and stop on skinny skis. Because of this and all the other fun stuff that has taken place with my hands in these babies, they have considerable mojo. As you can see from all the repairs they are having a very slow death. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Kalamazoo: First Tracks of 2012

The Janky Qiver

The newly fallen snow- not a track in sight.

First tracks were had.  The snow could use a couple of cold nights to freeze the ground.  Weather report is hopeful with more snow in sight.  My skiing was pretty rusty, the conditions were less than optimal, but I still got in first tracks.