Sunday, August 21, 2011

learned to drop in and Coleman slide.

Good Day. After riding the Honda CB450 out to Glendale I figured out how to drop in. I am unsure if i will be able to translate that to stuff that is much bigger, but it seems that i should be able to. The rector of this blessed temple of the church of skating is Todd. Below are some pics of him caressing the alter.

And then....I learned to drop in.Below is some video of it, and frankly it is pretty lame. That said, while skating it, it felt completely rad. 

And then....i went home and finished up my DIY slide gloves. They are as simple as could be. I hope that my wife likes the new cutting board..because i just cut up the old one to make these beauties. To qualify as fun til death,  there has to be some element of danger. This quality and events in which this element comes to life is called " the price of radness."   The Cost of learning to Coleman slide was significantly higher than dropping in.  Thankfully i was learning on smooth pavement and only got burns rather than cheeze grater.
Also managed to rip the butt out of my pants.
Below is my knee. Similar marks on both elbows too. 

A brief typology of Fun til Death

Typology of Fun til death.
we are often asked- what is Fun Til Death?

 Fun til death- Neil Young captured it best when he said " it is better to burn out than it is to rust."    I might burn out my knees, or my wrists, or my back. But I did it having fun. Fun til death is every day trying to find a Walden Pond where you can suck the marrow out of life. Even if at your Walden you are mostly watching your bean patch grow, takes a lot of work to get it growing. . Even if you live in a relative paradise like Boulder,CO  real fun takes a real decision to get off your ass, and that can be real work and real work takes it out of you. All that sucking the marrow sooner or later is going to kill you.  You are going to die...if the fun doesn't get you, something else will. Call it fatalistic, we call it Fun Til Death

 Fun til immediate death : Easily combined with a number of other types of FTD ( See: FTD resulting in glory) Encompases anything that is fun...but might also kill you real fast. example:  Tight roping over Niagra Falls,  

 Fun til prolonged suffering resulting in death: Untreated venereal disease for example.

 Fun til death by family or friend or spouse: Its all fun and games until you really piss some one off.

fun til death resulting in glory:  Your epic adventures go down in history. your soul ascends and spends eternity with a thousand party demons.

fun til death resulting in ridicule: Stupidity and boldness live close together.  If you die due to fun, there will be some that will question your decision. You may even be the butt of a joke or two.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Upjohn Skatepark : frontside practice

OOOF! The price of radness is paid.
The Set up

The Bail

 All taken with the timed shutter of my cell phone camera so the scenes captured are kinda random. Unfortunately I didn't catch a single successful frontside carve or....attempt at frontside slasher grinds. 

For those of you who are interested:  Limited Edition Fun Til Death stickers are available.  Send me your address and i will mail out a few. Excellent addition to helmets, skis, poles, skateboards, etc. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Salomon ADV 8 Backcountry ski boot

I have waited, like a puma..silently craving the beefiest boot Salomon offers in a cross country boot.  Then on deep discount i pounced- throwing caution to the wind and bought the Solomon ADV 8 backcountry Ski boot. These boots came to me in July, which is the worst possible month to test ski boots in Michigan.
So these are so far untested- I did take some pics though for comparison.  Those of you who might be considering this boot may appreciate it.

Not every person who skis,but every Skiier i have met is kinda always on the search for the best possible set up..until they find it. Maybe it is the never ending search for the perfect ski,  I figure that for some this is a never ending saga, while others figure it out stick to it and accept the limitations while reveling in things that the rig has to offer.  Many will read this posting and have lots of ideas on how to make these ski rigs better...and i welcome that but please consider the following:

          1. I am committed to a ski that i can tour for turns with.  Not really doing lift skiing means i need to climb and snake between the trees on the ups and down.
          2. I really like making turns, I like the idea of skill over gear.

These are the skis that i want to drive through the powder.

The higher cuff on the ADV 8 is all fluff....errr...integrated Gator- which think will be pretty sweet...but what am i gonna do with my 20 year old OR gators?

Some will say...just go with the Excursions...but those are not mine, borrowed from a friend.
 and used at the telemark festival that is described in this post : aftermath-of-blizzardzilla-body-is-shot

Two looks at the ankle support of the ADV 8s. From playing around with them, i doubt that they will be much more supportive in the ankle than the Greenlands.

Here is the Greenland.  This boot was revelation to me, from what i could tell at the time, it was the perfect boot.

The undersides of both boots. The ADV 8s do feel like they have a heavier sole than the Greenlands.  I am unsure if this will add much control to the boot.
Why Such heavily lugged soles on the new ones? I never had a traction problem walking around in the greenlands.

exenstential questions and garden pictures

         The last few weeks have been a string of bodily complaints.  This hurts or that hurts, uncomfortable, unhappy...fucking fuck.  When  my body hurts for no good reason, the weight of existence really bears down on you- focusing you on the true nature of being: suffering.  Nothing has been pleasant. Trying to get back in balance and not feel like shit has been hard work.  I am sure that my wife would say that i wallowed in the suffering for a while..but I think that i have pulled out and made a plan that includes....
  1. shoulder stands or other forms of inversion, for surely going upside down on a daily basis is fun.
  2. getting back into doing my chi gong stretches.
  3. reduce stress, increase happiness ( doing some garden work perhaps)
  4. more regular trips to the chiropractor. 

below are some recent garden shots along with a frame of Day Dreams of a solitary hampster , which is a fun read.

the street view.  These willow hedges are crazy. I effectively grew a fence. Fences make good neighbors i hear.

read it to your kid

Hopps are coming on

Three photos from the front poarch

attack of the cup plant. The kids call this the Bumble Bee plant.