Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bangor, Michigan Skate Park

   You can choose to grow up and have a boring life, or you can commit to having fun 'til death. On Fathers day I packed up the kids and went to Lake Michigan.  Any day on the lake is better than a day at home. On the way out to the lake,  I got everyone to agree to stop at the small skate park in Bangor, Michigan. For the size of Bangor, they really have a nice little park.  I would prefer concrete, but we don't always get what we prefer.  The underlying wood structure though is getting spongy and the park is rotting out at the edges. It was 20 minutes of fun, worth the stop.

This really could be a separate post entirely but I thought that i would include the contents of my " light and fast" beach gear for one adult and two children. Snacks, water, 3 towels, the vintage crazy creek, and the sport umbrella. Some will say that this thing is out of place in a light and fast gear list. While this may be so, it increases the fun factor significantly. This thing pitches in the wind, and is pretty tough. This is only season two and it is showing some wear from use, but over all I am very happy with the product.  Super Simple Shelter.