Sunday, December 14, 2014

peregrine radama 2 tent review.

So I picked up this Radama tent from Peregrine and have put it through some tests. High mountains in Washington,  Michigan Spring, and a trip to Devils Lake.  

Over all it is a very solid little tent.  The two doors are nice, the reflective cords are nice, comfortable for two and luxury for one.  For the price- serviceable tent fit for modest adventures.


late season Pere Marquette fly fishing

 What follows are pictures from a late season fly fishing trip to Baldwin, MI.   Only one Fish was actually caught..well it was on my hook and as I reached in for it...lil brown trout fell off into the cold water.

 These maps are 50 years old and were used by my Great Uncle Dave. the notes are all his, these were the maps we used to navigate around. Baldwin hasn't changed a ton in the last 50 years. I think that over all that is a good thing.


This was also the first fishing trip when all three boys and dad went on. That was worth celebrating right there.

We cranked out the CBs and some small Dual Band radios as well. All in all it was fun trip.