Monday, March 23, 2015

Checker Mountain: Back road

Meh, you can get a couple of turns in here.

Final Ski of my Secret Glade

After a season of snow spent recovering from my knee surgery..this season has been really pleasant.  Good snow depths, the snow stuck around all season with no mid winter thaw out. Checker Mountain was a consistent source of joy and sweat.  My $25.00 county park pass was my season pass for skiing. Pretty good deal.

I could tell all 7 of my readers where this glade is...and I feel confident that none of you will show up there. Its not worth traveling for,  I spend at least twice if not four times as much time slogging up the hill as coming perfect snow and I'm on top of my game...this hill is still slow by any mountains standard.

I am keeping a secret that no one else wants to know.

I did more trespassing than most winters...I still consider trespassing to be something you have to be open to doing to get the most fun. Mostly front yards...and some of my tracks were covered up by morning.

 old tracks and new. The snowshoe/dog walk path coming up the middle