Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Worst 20 minute bike ride....ever.


The Worst 20 minute bike ride...ever.

  A quick bicycle ride becomes a 12 month ordeal.  
Why did i crash? who ever knows? i have been the victim of speed wobbles, pot holes, faulty crank arms, lack of skill, and lack of focus. Every serious climbing fall has been a lack of focus. Skateboarding crashes generally seem like a lack of skill...bicycles have been both lack of focus and faulty equipment...

I am chocking this one up to lack of focus. I had been putting alot of miles on a Shogun touring bike, and what was intended to be a short intense ride on the fixe, was only about 15 minutes long...including the limp home after the crash. I figure i got about 4 minutes of ride...5 minutes of crash and gathering of wits, and then 6 minutes of limping home with a broken bike, a blown out knee and a jacked up shoulder. 

Paying for radness, putting blood into the game.

  So....as you can see from the pictures that this training ride for ski season, ended my ski season before it started.  What you see above is a shredded ACL.  Below the massive bruise on my shoulder.

 And...the condition of the bike.  The wheel is twisted and cracked. I have not had the heart to give the forks a good check.  I think that in 2014 I will filp this over to single speed free wheel, give myself a little more margin for operator error.