Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Adventures in Nordic Skiing: 2010-2013

 This years ski season is a a bust for me because of my ACL reconstruction. So despite one of the better snow seasons....maybe in a decade...I am left only with nostalgia to satisfy myself.

The following are some pictures and links to previous ski related postings from the last few years of Fun Til Death.


Friday, January 3, 2014

DIY Curling Stones: backyard curling 2013

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Even more DIY Curling

With the Winter Olympics coming up curling will once again be showcased.  My brother is really into the sport ( as much as you can be with out paying for ice time ) and each year that the weather is favorable he creates a sheet on the back pond at our folks house in Dexter, Michigan. 

So far this season the sheet has been kinda rough and the curling favored brute force over finesse. There was still a good amount of laughter, merriment, and it was a good excuse to get out of the house and do something out side.

The Stones are still the salad bowl, concrete, and galvanized pipe DIY jobs from a few years ago and they are certainly starting to show some signs of wear and tear, this may be their last season.

The House is painted on the ice with food coloring, the button is a bottle cap, traditionally from the first bottled beer consumed while creating the sheet.

I was awaiting my ACL surgery when these games were played, so I stayed in the photographer role. Ice and unstable knees don't mix very well.

As cold as it has been I would expect that there will be  more curling to come in 2014. These games will be fueled with inspiration from the Olympics and Papst Blue Ribbon.